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Our high-quality products are made with passion and love by small family businesses. Our Nocino is produced in Sonvico, in the valleys above Lugano. Nocino is much more than just a walnut liqueur.... it is a tradition that is cultivated every year. On the night of June 23rd to 24th, the feast day of St. John, the still green walnuts must be picked before they are covered by the morning dew! Midsummer night, the shortest night of the year, is full of rituals and legends that move between the sacred and the profane. Our ancient recipe has been passed down from generation to generation.
Extremely fine ratafià, I can highly recommend it!
Sandy's Nocino is tasty and delicious
Excellent Ratafià, fragrant and delicate, does not scratch the throat or mask flavors. It is a delight as a digestive or with ice cream. We use it for a little bit of everything.

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Our high-quality products are made with passion and love by a small family businesses.


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Be inspired by the small moments you can experience in the south of Switzerland. Discover the colours of Ticino and the wide range of leisure activities on offer. Choose which unforgettable experience you want to live first and watch the videos of the protagonists of the stories of Ticino.
Our nature is our greatest asset. That’s why we protect it. With its mighty mountains, turquoise-blue lakes and enchanted forests, Switzerland is a unique travel destination. Our nature provides energy – and it has to stay that way. For us, and for all generations to come.

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